Breakdown Recovery & Repair

Breakdown recovery and repair

Our Emergency breakdown assistance caters for all road and plant vehicles.

Breakdown recovery and repair

Have you Broken Down on the side of the road, at home or work? Have you Flat Battery?  Need a tow? lost keys? Will your truck not start?

Don’t hesitate to call. We have the most cost efficient and competitive rates around.

We can also deliver your vehicle anywhere in the country.


We will be there when you need us!

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Truck repairs For your Fleet

Our truck mechanics specialize in truck repairs for the commercial and industrial sector

We have been in the truck repairs business for more than 66 years combined between all our truck mechanic experts, and we have made it our business to service customers with trust and integrity – especially when it comes to being reliable truck mechanic experts.

We repair all brands of engines as well as supply and install a large range of new and second-hand parts for trucks repairs and heavy plant vehicles. If we don’t have that new or used part you are looking for, our trusted truck mechanic team here at Brittas Commercials will source it for you with little or no downtime.

Our aim is to get your truck repaired speedily and efficiently, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Truck mechanic services include:

Brittas commercials Truck repairs & truck mechanic services

Brittas Commercial Truck mechanic services

  • Servicing trucks, trailers and fleets
  • Brake repairs
  • Gearbox and clutch repairs
  • Diffs and transmissions
  • Engine repairs
  • In frame and outer frame engine rebuilds
  • All parts procurement – genuine and non-genuine.

We offer a well-equipped facility located in the Brittas, Dublin area and a highly skilled team of truck mechanic experts with over 66 years’ experience in the commercial truck and plant repair field, ready to service your truck repair needs.



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RSA recommendations and guidelines for commercial vehicles

Under strict new RSA guidelines all commercial vehicles are to be inspected by qualified personnel every 6-10 weeks. Our Truck mechanic experts carry out these checks for numerous fleet operators and can repair any defects found.

RSA recommendations and guidelines include:

    • Regular checks and maintenance are required to ensure that vehicles including trailers are roadworthy and safe.
    • In determining the frequency at which inspections and maintenance are to be carried out in relation to a CVR vehicle you should consider:
    • the operational condition of the CVR vehicle;
    • the conditions under which the CVR vehicle is used;
    • the age and mileage of the CVR vehicle;
    • the degree to which the structure of the vehicle or any of its components are worn or have deteriorated;
    • whether there is a defect or a condition affecting the CVR vehicle such that the CVR vehicle is, when in motion, a danger to the driver or the public;
    • any guidelines issued by the manufacturer of the CVR vehicle; and
    • any guidelines or recommendations issued by the Authority.

Cutting back on essential maintenance and repairs does not save you money in the long run. Having your vehicle inspected and maintained regularly will help keep the vehicle in the best working order.

For more information about our commercial Fleet & Truck repairs services Contact us for further details.


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Some simple vehicle checks that you can do on your vehicle.

  • Check All Lights and Signals: This includes any non working marker lights, head lights, high beams, low beams, tail lights and turn signals.
  • Check Tire Thread on All Equipment: The tire thread must be greater than 4/32 on steer position and 3/32 on all other tire positions.
  • Check for Oil Leaks: Oil leaks may happen in the engine area, differentials, wheel seals or the transmission.
  • Check Air System for any Leaks
  • Make Sure the ABS Light on the Trailer Functions Correctly
  • Check for Proper Oil and Coolant Levels
  • Check for Windshield Cracks
  • Check Brake Shoes for Cracks
  • Check Air Hoses for Rubbing or Chaffing




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